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Finish Line Speed Degreaser

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Finish Line® Speed Degreaser™ is the fastest way to clean a bicycle drivetrain. Dry-degreasing technology requires no water rinsing as it evaporates rapidly after application to leave no residue. It's innovative turbo sprayer uses mechanical agitation to blast away contaminants from metal components. Speed™ is formulated with advanced solvents to quickly breakdown grease, grime, dust, and dirt. For most applications Speed™ requires no additional brushes or tools. Speed™ leaves no residue so lubricants can be applied to the chain immediately after application.

• Dry-degreasing technology requires no water rinsing
• Innovative turbo-sprayer blasts away contaminants
• Advanced solvents breakdown grease and grime
• Dries rapidly to leave no residue
• Leaves bicycle chains clean and ready for fresh lubrication