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Local Rides & Clubs

Join us June 4 for Riverview's Cycle on Life. 

Ride: 5, 20 or 65 km

Give like so many other Winnipeggers who's lives have been helped by the caring people at Riverview Health Centre.

Local Rides & Clubs

Explore Our Community By Bike

We love riding our bikes as much as you do! Check out the awesome community rides, events, and cycling clubs that we support. Learn more about the local happenings that interest you, and get involved today!

Local Bike Clubs

Olympia Cycling Club

So many Winnipeggers have bikes and ride them occationally because they don't feel confident or know where to ride. The Olympia Cycling Club has rides for everyone. Come on Monday nights for our recreational rides and find your tribe. 

We can't wait to see you on the trails. Scroll down to read our FAQ page.

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Bike Rides & Events

Riverview to St. Adolfe 65 Km Loop (GPX File)

This is the most common ride for the Riverview Cycle on Life. Sometimes construction ajusts our route, but we start with this.

  • Ride Starts at the Riverview Health Centre entry loop.

Les Mis Loop 12 Km Ride (GPX File)

Most Mondays we meet for a fun, nobody gets dropped, ride

  • Ride Starts at 100 Ferry Rd (Bourkevale Community Centre).

Sturgeon Creek 21 Km Loop (REVERSE)(GPX File)

A favourite Monday ride

  • Ride starts at 100 Ferry Rd (Bourkevale Community Centre).
  • One correction - ride through the Herzing College parking lot and the apartment driveway. It's much safer. Just be courteous and car aware.

Sturgeon Creek 21 Km Loop(GPX File)

A favourite Monday ride

  • Ride starts at 100 Ferry Rd (Bourkevale Community Centre).

KOM is a learn-to-ride and learn-to-race program for kids 16 and younger. Our clubs are fun and run by volunteers like yourself who help children and parents gain confidence and skills to enjoy cycling on trails and roads. April to June is the main season for KOM.

Wolesely Wheels - Tuesdays and Thursdays

Northern Bicycle - Saturday mornings

Get the Gear You Need

Shop for the perfect bike before your next ride. We’re here to answer all of your cycling related questions.

Olympia Cycling Club Monday Rides FAQ

Rides will start in late April or early May depending on the weather. Follow us on social or by email to stay informed.

Do the rides all start at the same location every week?  If so where.

Most of our rides will start at 6:30 PM in the parking lot at the Bourkevale Community Centre (100 Ferry Rd). From here we will gather into groups with vetted Ride Guides. All our rides will return by 8:00 PM, family oriented groups may choose to be back by 7:30 PM since it is a school night.

On holidays we may have special locations planned.

What time do you usually start? 

6:30 PM

Our rides will start in mid-late April and carry on until we cannot ride in the Autumn. Then we switch to riding fat bikes, indoor trainers and cross-country skis.

Is it mountain biking or road cycling?

Our Monday night rides are primarily recreational (with a goal of getting ice cream or coffee) but if we have trained enough Ride Guides, we will be able to have multiple groups riding.  Ideally, we have a few groups going so that everyone finds a group to suit them. 

What if I want to go faster than my group?

The goal of this ride night is to find people who like to ride like you do. It's a social ride, probably not a racer's training ride. This is a great opportunity for an enthusiast to introduce their friends to a cycling community. If, however, during the group ride you want to or need to leave the group, be sure that the Ride Guides in your group know so that they are not looking for you at the end and wondering where you are.

Will my kids be able to ride?

Yes! We are recruiting Ride Guides who are skilled at riding with younger children. For pre-school children we recommend using an Adam's Trail-A-Bike or a bike trailer so they can enjoy the group but not feel like they have to ride fast for the whole ride.

Do I need to register to ride?

Yes. Your first time joining us is complimentary but you will need to sign a Ride Waiver. We can send that to you ahead of time or you can fill it in when you arrive. (Please come early so that you have time). After your first ride you can join the Olympia Cycling Club ($20 for adults, $10 for children) and the MB Cycling Association (about $65). These memberships insure the club and its riders should there be an incident. Uninsured riders in the group void the club insurance so we need to be strict on this requirement.

To learn more about what your MB Cycling Association Membership does for you, please click here.

Why do I need a MB Cycling Association Membership to ride if I'm not racing?

Great question. Our club cannot afford to ride without insurance so we must insist. However, we promise to make up the cost of your licence with value that you'll receive in-store and on our rides. Having access to experienced cyclists who want to help you is unique to belonging in a cycling club.

How do you train Ride Guides?

Ride Guides are experienced cyclists who enjoy group rides and know how to keep everyone engaged. They are not required to be the fastest in the group. Each group will have a leader and an assistant and this team will be responsible for choosing and riding a safe route (sometimes you have to make route adjustments), and choosing a front rider and rear rider (Sweep). The Ride Guides will know what the Emergency Action Plan is and have a cell phone with them to communicate as needed.

Ride Guides are the face of the Olympia Cycling Club and therefore need to be respected by the members of the group. If you'd like to be a Ride Guide, email us or ask at the next ride. (