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Day Hiking Snowshoes

NORDIC GRIP is a series of innovative ice cleats which allow modern people to stay on their feet. And whatever your expedition, there's a grip for you - whether you're a runner, walker, shopper or any other modern explorer. Nordic Grip is tested and worn in extreme conditions and on the streets of Oslo, which means it's perfect for right here in Winnipeg. GET A SAFE GRIP Norway's famous explorers knew it - today's Norwegians know it - loosing your grip in rough conditions is a no-go. Norway offers some of the world's harshest winter weather, and challenging conditions give birth to good solutions.
$192.99 - $239.99
BEST FOR SCHOOLS AND RENTALS (or anyone who demands the best from their equipment) For the regular hiker, this recreational snowshoe is ideal for beaten trails. Very robust, reliable, versatile and easy to use because of its partial rotation pivot system, this model is often used in commercial applications such as rental centres.
$105.99 - $113.99
Best for Schools and kids who play hard Designed for kids but with the same quality concerns as the adult models. The “North Kid” is light, easy to use and very durable. The Wing Traction Decking combined with the aluminum crampons increase grip on icier surfaces and the “U” shaped frame helps reduce the drag. All of these characteristics will make the hike much more fun and easier for your young ones. CALL FOR AVAILABILITY
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