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Handle for Swix Triac Aero Cross section. White chassis and natural cork in grip section. Natural cork for great grip and comfort. Ergonomic shaped. Triac Connection system (TCS). Highlights: - Handle for pole - Handle for Triac Aero 4.0 tubes - Natural cork - Ergonomic shaped Made for - Cross Country Skiing
$49.99 - $54.99
This strap provides the perfect combination of performance and comfort. This strap design has been developed in collaboration with World Cup skiers. Strong nylon outer material and 3D-mesh inside. The combination allows efficient power transfer during skiing, while ensuring optimal comfort. DETAILS - For racing and recreational use - For racers, athletes and exercisers - Great fit and performance - Fits all handles with traditional webbing and locking cap
This strap has been developed in collaboration with World Cup skiers. The strap is constructed with 3D mesh lining with a strong nylon fabric on the outside. This combination ensures both energy transfers to the grip while providing optimum comfort.
ESCAPE ALU is lightweight, comfortable, and reliable. The durable aluminum shaft is ready for years of skiing. Ease of use - Simple, reliable, and durable Comfort - EVA Grip feels great in the hands Durable - High-quality aluminum shaft provides lightweight stiffness and durability
$34.99 - $39.99
ESCAPE ALU JUNIOR is a comfortable, durable aluminum junior pole. Durable - High-quality aluminum is light, strong, and durable Comfort - EVA Jr Grip feels great in kids' hands Ease of use - Simple, reliable and durable
A light, reliable composite pole with adjustable height made for touring adventures. It features a comfortable grip and all-conditions basket.
R CLICK is a 100% carbon, full feature pole with convenient Click Grip for everyday racers in all disciplines. Convenience - ErgoClick Grip enables one-handed pole removal on the fly Power transfer - Stiff, 100% carbon shaft and ergonomic grip ensure maximum power transfer with each pole plant Light weight - Superlight 100% carbon shaft
The R 30 CLICK is a lightweight pole with a 30% carbon shaft. It features Salomon's Click Grip for easy-to-use, optimum power transmission. BENEFITS: Convenience - The Ergoclick grip enables one-handed pole removal on the fly. Power transfer - The Power Strap Click 2 ensures optimum power transmission between the hand and the shaft. Lightweight - The 30% carbon shaft ensures lightweightness for endurance enthusiasts. FEATURES: 30% Carbon 16/9 A 30% carbon shaft which has a 16 mm ? at the top and tapers down to a 9 mm ? near the tip. Ergoclick The Ergoclick system allows for single finger click-in and click-out so you can drink or remove your skis easily during your sessions. Click Strap An easy-to-adjust strap delivering optimum power transmission. Remove it from the grip with a “click” and leave the strap on your glove. It’s compatible with "Click system" grips. Racing M A medium aerodynamic basket which provides a good level of support in all kinds of snow. The perfect fit for shafts with a 9mm diameter tip. Tungsten This Tungsten tip is very hard, allowing for good adhesion in all snow conditions and offering high wear resistance.
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