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Tools & Tuning

Practical plastic tool for removing wax residue in grooves on edges and sidewalls. With Klister edge.
$15.00 - $16.00
For use in hard wax conditions when classic skiing. Practical packaging: the wax can be twisted out like a deodorant stick enabling the waxer a good grip on the wax and the ability to use all of the product. - Yellow for snow temperatures 0C- -2C (32F-28F) - Red for snow temperatures -2C- -10C (28F-14F) - Blue for snow temperatures -7C- 30C (19F- -22F) - XCold for snow tempertures -12C- -30C (10F- -22F) - Base Green is a binder and makes what you put on it last longer. It can also be very good by itself in some conditions.
All-round brush for brushing all kinds of hot wax.
Universal liquid wax for all types of snow and temperatures. - Based on natural raw materials - Biodegradable - Improves sliding properties and cares for the base - Quick and easy to apply - With sponge applicator - Comfortable pocket size to go and wax en route - Also used as rust protection for ski edges No shipping to Alaska (please buy locally). - Comes in 75/ 100/ and 200ml sizes.  100ml size has polishing pad. No shipping to Alaska (please buy locally).
This fine horse-hair brush is perfect for brushing even the finest structures.
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