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Tools & Tuning

ULL*A Ulla Performance Glide Wax Package
Apply Ulla glide wax with a drill and roto tool with this full kit designed for the coach, instructor, or serious performer. Includes: Ull*a Glide Waxes (4) - Blue, Violet, Red, Yellow Ull*a Base Cleaner/Conditioner Ull*a Tools: - Roller - Roto Wools - Horsehair Brush - Drill handle - Roto Wool Cleaner
Swix Glide Wax Cleaner
Gives faster skis. Cleaner & conditioner glide sections of racing skis and snowboards. - Ski Cleaner for glide zone. - For everyone who waxes their skis. Cleaner for fluoro glide wax and CH-wax. Improves glide and conditions the base. For glide sections only on all racing skis and snowboards. Involves no hard mechanical treatment of the base. No wearing of the stone grind pattern in the ski base. Makes the ski faster! Apply cleaner (I84C) with Fiberlene. Brush with white nylon brush while wet. Wipe clean with Fiberlene. Let dry for 5-30 minutes. Brush with hand steel brush (or Roto steel brush). Wax with Base Prep wax. 16.9 fl. oz.
Swix T12 Synthetic racing cork w/HD
Synthetic cork for kick wax. This synthetic cork has a higher density than a regular synthetic cork. For racing.
Swix T73 Performance Waxing Iron, 110V
Good wax iron for alpine and cross country skis. 110 Volt, 500 Watt. The 8 mm thick plate gives a stable temperature. T73 has manual choice of temperature by indication of degrees and is simply done by an adjustmentwheel. Adjustment range from 100°C to 165°C. Also available for 220 Volt (product # T73220).
Swix KX30 Blue Ice Klister, 0C to -12C
Great kick in icy conditions! The KX klisters are durable klisters custom-made for different conditions. Temperature range 0°C to -12°C (32°F to 10°F). For coarse snow/hard tracks and icy conditions. Excellent on hard-packed coarse cold snow, but can also be an alternative to KX20 as base klister. It is easier to apply than KX20. In racing KX30 is often used as the "in-between" klister on top of KX20, but rarely used as the last layer due to the preparation of the tracks. For general skiing on cold mornings after it has been wet the day before, it is a highly useful product. Scraper included.
Swix T15HS Roto Combi Horse/Steel, 140mm
Practical wax brush with two brushes on one axle. The most popular Roto brush in racing circles. Horsehair is used first to prevent the wire brush from clogging, then finish with the wire brush. It is recommended to lightly "dull" the wire brush with sandpaper #100 before using for the first time. 140 mm wide. 70 mm horsehair brush and 70 mm wire brush. - Roto brush - For brushing glide wax - For all ski waxers - Very practical combo brush
Swix VG35 Green Base Grinder
Extremely durable base wax! Basebinder kick wax for transformed and old snow. Improved wear on kick wax. A durable base wax for all hard waxes in colder conditions than -1°C (30°F). To be used when the snow has been transformed (granular) and the wear on the wax is high. Rub on and iron in with a waxing iron (110°C/230°F). Cork smooth. Base wax is much easier to apply when it is cold. Store it in the fridge or in the snow before application.
Swix T19S Rotobrush Steel, 100mm
Efficient solution when prepping several pairs of skis. - 100 mm width - Roto steel brush
Swix T191B Brush Rectangular, Fine Steel
Ultra-fine steel brush which is often used as a second brush after scraping skis. - Fine wire brush - For initial brushing of glide wax - For experienced ski waxers - Ergonomically designed
Swix KX75 Red Extra Wet Klister, 2C/15C
Great grip in very wet conditions! The KX klisters are durable klisters custom-made for different conditions. Temperature range +2°C to +15°C (36°F to 59°F). Wet snow klister. Used when the snow has a high water content such as slush, and the air temperature is well above freezing. Late spring klister. Scraper included.
Swix VR70 Red Klisterwax
For wet and moist new snow. Works also on wet transformed snow down to 0°C (32°F). Apply thicker if very wet.
ULL*A Ulla Liquid Race Speed
90 ml (3 fl oz.) Ulla Liquid Race Speed was developed with top cross country and alpine performers in mind. All Ulla Liquid Race Speed waxes are great alone or as a base or top layer used in tandem with Ulla Glide WAXES. The best part of our liquid waxes (other than their speed) are that they are naturally dirt repellent; keeping your skis clean as you go.
Toko Express Wax Liquid
Universal liquid wax for all types of snow and temperatures. - Based on natural raw materials - Biodegradable - Improves sliding properties and cares for the base - Quick and easy to apply - With sponge applicator - Comfortable pocket size to go and wax en route - Also used as rust protection for ski edges No shipping to Alaska (please buy locally). - Comes in 75/ 100/ and 200ml sizes.  100ml size has polishing pad. No shipping to Alaska (please buy locally).
Toko Base Brush Nylon
All-round brush for brushing all kinds of hot wax.
Swix Steel Scraper
Steel scraper for experienced waxers. Sharp steel scraper for peeling or straightening bases.
ULL*A Ulla Glide Wax Race Line
10g [5g/wax type] The ultimate race pairing; one puck, two wax types. High Quality glide wax, use on ski base, easy application. Cover all snow conditions in each temperature range with the ULL*A Glide Wax Race Line!
Toko Nordic Grip Wax
$15.00 - $15.99
For use in hard wax conditions when classic skiing. Practical packaging: the wax can be twisted out like a deodorant stick enabling the waxer a good grip on the wax and the ability to use all of the product. - Yellow for snow temperatures 0C- -2C (32F-28F) - Red for snow temperatures -2C- -10C (28F-14F) - Blue for snow temperatures -7C- 30C (19F- -22F) - XCold for snow tempertures -12C- -30C (10F- -22F) - Base Green is a binder and makes what you put on it last longer. It can also be very good by itself in some conditions.
Swix T21 Natural Cork w/Felt
Practical combi cork for polishing Cera F and liquid topping. High quality natural cork with felt/ for application of Cera F.
Swix KX35 Violet Spec. Klister, +1C/-4C
Fantastic mid-layer klister! The KX klisters are durable klisters custom-made for different conditions. Temperature range +1°C to -4°C (32°F to 25°F). Excellent klister on transformed cold coarse corn snow starting to get wet. Midlayer klister applied on Base klister (KX20 or KB20) to avoid that the top layer klister slides back into the glide zone. Scraper included.
Swix T150B Fiberlene cleaning XL 200m
Quality paper for all-round use. X-large roll, 200 m/650 feet.
Swix T18F-2 Roto fleece, 100mm
Racing favorite! High quality roto fleece. Effectiv when there are many skis or boards to prepare. The Fleece-Roto improves Cera F Powder and Cera F Solid performance. Apply the Cera powder to the base with a wax iron first. The Fleece-roto should be used a couple of times to get optimal performance. NB! Use separate Fleece brushes for each type of Cera F. 100 mm wide.
Swix T18W-140 Merino Wool 140mm
Meriono wool 140mm version, 20mm long wool hairs. Perfect for alpine and snowboard. A new and revolutionary way of applying waxes without the need of a waxing iron. The method is tailor-made for harder waxes, such as the Marathons and is applied onto the skis in two simple steps: Start by applying the wax to the roto brush by touching the wax to the wool for a few seconds while running the drill at a speed of approx. 1.500 RPM. Then, use the roto brush on the base with a speed of approx. 1.500 RPM. Use light pressure. Start from the tip and move back and forth approx. a foot at a time towards the tail (three times applying the wax and three times polishing). - Roto wool - Trendy waxing technique - Used in World Cup - Perfect with fluoro free ski wax - Easy to use - No heat needed
Swix N12C Aerosol Skin Wax Aerosol 150ml.
Problem solver. Backcountry and alpine touring skin wax. Skin Wax for backcountry and alpine touring. To be applied on skins to prevent icing up & provide easier glide. Dirt repellent. Great for all snow conditions. Aerosol with applicator. 5 fl. oz. *Extremely flammable aerosol. Pressurized container: May burst if heated. Causes skin irritation. May cause drowsiness or dizziness. Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects.
Swix T264 Fibertex orange, x-fine
Medium coarse Fibertex. Silicon carbide abrasive. Orange. 3 Pads. 110 mm x 150 mm. To refresh and open the ski base. Takes away hardened oxidized layer on bases that has not been treated with wax for some time. Also used to remove abraded polyethylene micro fibers left from skiing or snowboarding on abrasive snow. Finish with White Fibertex (T0266).
Swix HS5 Turquoise
$39.95 - $99.95
The 5 series is the hardest wax in the HS line, and is a great choice in cold conditions, due to its great durability and dry friction properties. It’s a great choice both for alpine and cross country. Despite being a wax for cold conditions, the melting point makes it easier to apply than many competitors in this area, without sacrificing the great glide properties. For fresh, old, or manmade snow. - HS5 can be used as a race wax alone or as a base for top coats. - Recommended iron temp: 150°C (311°F). - -10°C to -18°C (14°F to 0°F).
Swix CH10X Yellow
Fluor Free Hydrocarbon wax 0°C to +10°C. Soft wax for wet snow. Good for first base prep of new skis. - A versatile wax for warm conditions - Ideal for base prep and training use Temperature range from 0°C to 10°C (32°F to 50°F). Recommended iron temp.: 120°C (248°F). CH10X is made slightly harder than the old CH10. Test results show that a harder wax performs better in very wet saturated snow. The adjusted hardness makes CH10X more durable than before. A good wax for base prep and training. For racing, we recommend to go with fluoro wax in this temperature area. The speed of the iron should be approx. 8-10 sec. on a skating or alpine ski. The wax can be re-heated after cooling to room temperature (10 min) for better durability. Important to have a good iron to get an efficient melting of the wax.
Swix T69 Roto Brush Box, Empty
Box for storing and transporting SWIX Roto brushes. - Empty case - For storing Roto brushes - For keen ski waxers - Solid and with a smart layout
Swix HS7 Violet
$39.95 - $99.95
HS7 performs great in normal winter conditions below the freezing point. Its hardness makes it convenient to work with and easy to get a good end-result. Can be used as a racing wax at low air humidity, but will also serve the purpose as a brilliant training wax. The speed of the iron should be approx. 8-10 sec. on a skating ski or alpine ski. The wax can be re-heated after cooling to room temperature (10 min) for better durability. Important to have a good iron to get an efficient melting of the wax. HS7 can be used as a race wax alone or as a base for top coats. Recommended iron temp: 150°C (302°F). Highlights: - Fantastic allround-glider - For training and competition - Great performance and durability - Fluoro-free and non-toxic - Well tested on many conditions
Swix T88 Pencil Groove Scraper
Practical groove scraper. Handy format. Practical groove scraper for wax removal.
Swix Skin Cleaner
Cleans integrated skins in a gentle way without affecting the skin glue. Restores the properties of the skin and increases its efficiency. To be used after skiing. - Can also be used for backcountry skiing - Easy to use - Apply after skiing - Must have when using skin skis - Fluoro free ski wax - Swix ski wax
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