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He came. He stole. He got caught! These black and red classic socks spotlight this trash panda’s mugshot as a reminder to your friends just who’s the troublemaker in the group. Ricky Raccoon’s been busted, but he ain’t gonna talk. You can keep making mischief, just be smart about it. Do it for Ricky. Product Features: - Ultra-wicking acrylic base with superior softness and stretch to eliminate hot spots and blisters. - Mesh upper for ultimate airflow. - Arch support so they stay put on your foot. - Classic double-over cuff never falls down. - Unique Stretch-to-Fit sizing system for a perfect fit on a wide range of foot sizes. - Double-stitched nylon heel & toe for durability and longevity. - Off-beat, original designs only SockGuy can provide! - Cuff Height : 3" - Made with : Micro-Denier Acrylic - Style : Flat-knit; Standard - Tagline : trash panda
Our most popular Classic socks feature off-beat, original designs that appeal to a broad range of athletes, from professionals to weekend warriors to multi-sport enthusiasts who like to have unique socks to match their personality and attitude. Our Classic socks feature: - Superior softness and comfort that helps eliminate blisters and hot spots - Mesh upper for supreme air flow - Double-stitched heel and toe for strength and durability - Cuff Height : 4" - Made with : Micro-Denier Acrylic - Style : Flat-knit; Standard - Tagline : OLD SCHOOL
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