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Summer of Bike Love

If you've ever gotten to the end of summer and thought, "Where did that summer go?" We invite you to the Summer of Bike Love.

Are you hoping that 2024 will be the best summer ever? We do, so we're celebrating by calling the it "Summer of Bike Love". Join us virtually, in person or just ride with great love.

Wednesday Night MTB Race - June 26

Calling All Volunteers!

Please join us at Bison Butte to help maintain our beloved trails while also building a stronger community!


Are you looking for a summer time route to ride?

Check out our club routes here.

Don't let another summer of wishing that you'd gone riding more, join us for the summer of bike love!

Join our Strava Group

Are you on Strava yet? It's social media for fun-loving and competitive athletes.  Like to know how far you rode or find new routes? Strava's a great platform for finding people to ride with, be inspired by or just to follow their routes.

You can find the club: Olympia's Summer of Love