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Premium Cross-country ski packages for schools

We help teachers get students outside on quality skis that they can trust.


We understand many Manitoba teachers would like their students to enjoy cross-country skiing this winter but are stressed by budgets and the need to get multiple quotes. 

Say goodbye to the headache of searching all over Winnipeg and the internet for cross-country ski gear. With our premium ski packages, you can trust that your students will have a blast without any extra hassle. Olympia is here to help you get set up with the gear up your students need for an amazing winter skiing adventure!

You could spend the next few evenings figuring this out on your own, or in just 2 minutes, you can get us working for you. While you take care of your students, we take care of your equipment needs.

Packages start at $253.56/complete set.


Benefits of partnering with us

Olympia Cycle and Ski on Portage Ave. provides Gold Medal Service and Packages for your classes cross country skiing needs.

Quantity discounts starting with orders as small as 6 pairs.

Custom packages based on your unique needs.

Free delivery on
full class orders.


We know how much work it is to put together a proposal for your principal or board, especially when budgets are tight.

We are skiers and we've been equipping schools for more than 40 years. Let us help you get started!

It's as simple as ABC.

A. Tell us what you need

B. We provide you with at least 2 competitive quotes

C. You get premium equipment at budget friendly prices, waxed and ready for your students.

Fill out the form below to tell us what you need. And while you're preparing your lesson, we'll take care of your equipment. Stop worrying about how to afford a ski program and instead be confident that you are getting the best equipment for your students at prices that fit your budget.